TPS Academic Enrichment Program

Tuxedo Park School is a small school that has made a big difference for generations. Every student has a unique set of relative strengths and challenges that influences his or her classroom experiences; these are the primary concern of the Academic Enrichment Program (AEP) at Tuxedo Park School.

When we examine students’ learning profiles, we consider the whole child, including multiple intelligences, social and emotional factors, and educational history. That allows us to tailor instruction to leverage each student’s skills, minimize limitations, and close any gaps over time. The program liaises between faculty, families, and students themselves to share pertinent insight derived from evaluation and observation. 
Some students’ profiles specifically indicate additional support or enrichment, and the program can provide these (at times, via fee-based specialists) in both individual and small group settings, as well as through consultation with classroom teachers themselves. Further, all Middle- and Upper-School schedules earmark two weekly periods for students to work directly with their teachers targeting individual interests, learning strategies, or concerns. Each of these approaches is designed to further differentiate instruction in ways that will inspire successful lifelong learners. 
For more information about our Academic Enrichment Program, please contact Megan Perna.

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