Mission Statement

Tuxedo Park School...
Honors effort and excellence
Inspires a lifelong love of learning
Celebrates each student
Values its traditions and historic community
Prepares students for a changing world
Nurtures its core values:
    Be Kind, Be Fair, Be Responsible

Diversity Mission Statement
Tuxedo Park School is a diverse community of educators and learners. We are an inclusive school that offers a rich multicultural curriculum, specifically addressing the social identifiers of ability, age, ethnicity, body image, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, race, and religion. Through our curriculum and cultural programs, we are committed to building an educational environment in which every student feels safe. We encourage students to examine human similarities and differences and approach the world with an open mind. We strive to cultivate responsible citizens, who will understand and value their role in the diverse world beyond our school community.
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