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Primary School Update
By Quenby Frimet, Primary School Division Head

The third trimester is off to a busy start, and the days will only get busier in the last eight weeks of school. 
Grade 2 recently held their social studies celebration, which wrapped up their two trimesters worth of work around the Lenape and the Dutch settlers of our area. Students used their earlier class work and outside resources to take notes about different aspects of the two cultures and shared well-written essays comparing and contrasting the Lenape and the Dutch settlers. They also created visual components to highlight their presentations. With this understanding of the earliest regional settlers, Grade 2 students will finish the year with an intensive of New York and New Jersey, including the history of Tuxedo Park.
Grade 3 is about to have a combined Science and Writing celebration, where they will share their study of geology. Students have been hard at work creating Science presentations and have been using their classroom writing workshop to write expository pieces, using informational texts as resources. After studying immigration for the first two trimesters, third grade will be taking a field trip to Ellis Island to connect a concrete place to their classroom work and knowledge. 
All Primary School classes will be taking field trips during Earth Week, Grade 2 still has their science celebration and their class play to look forward to, and there are more writing celebrations and field trips in the works, too! The final trimester is packed with meaningful academic work, as students make connections and apply earlier concepts in new and different ways. It is also filed with special events and activities. Make sure to check your weekly newsletters carefully for updates! 


Welcome to Tuxedo Park School’s Primary School! Our Primary School encompasses Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3. This section of our website provides descriptions of curricular philosophy and programs, updates on grade-level news and events, and recommended resources. I invite you to begin here your exploration of what makes the Primary School at Tuxedo Park School truly special!

We are a community of students, faculty, and parents committed to our mission. We honor effort and excellence by customizing the learning experience to challenge and support each learner to develop lasting habits of mind that approach the world with curiosity, compassion, and resilience. We inspire a lifelong love of learning by providing invigorating intellectual experiences to develop knowledge of mathematics, science, language arts, history, foreign language, technology, physical education, and the fine and performing arts.  We celebrate each student by recognizing the strengths and talents of each child and investing in our classroom and divisional communities through shared experiences. We value our traditions and historic community by engaging in school-wide events, connecting with buddy classes, participating in service projects, and soaking in the beautiful natural setting of the school through play and learning. We prepare students for a changing world by investing in the professional growth and excellence of our faculty, providing students with digital literacy and cross-culture competency skills, and promoting experiences that develop learners who are collaborative, creative, and articulate communicators of their thinking.

Our core values—Be Kind, Be Fair, Be Responsible—play out every day in the Primary School as students, faculty, and families work together to nurture and develop children who are smart of mind, good of heart, and prepared with the skills to meet what their future will bring.

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