Fall sports 2016

Thank you again to all of the coaches - Mrs. Betti, Ms. Bradley, Mr. Donaldson, Mr. Feinberg, Mr. Ibrahim, Ms. Tillsley, and Mr. Tsilibes - for a great fall season and to all of the parents for their support. The following athletes were recognized for their outstanding efforts at the sports assembly; congratulations to all the award recipients. 
Field Hockey
Most Improved Player - Piper J.
MVP - Peggy S.
Fathers’ Sportsmanship Award - Rachel P.

Most Improved Player - Dylan S.
Coaches Award – Gold -  Owen D.
Coaches Award – Green - Sean C.
Melhado Cup - Timothy S.

Most Improved Player - Emma S.
Coaches Award - Matthew K.
MVP - Alex B.

Most Improved Player - Isabella C.
Coaches Award - McConn H.
MVP - Katie B. 

Spring Sports 2017

Spring athletics consisted of a girls' and boys' lacrosse team, a track team, and the first golf program for the school. Thanks to all the coaches - Ms. Bradley, Mr. Fontana, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Kranzo, Mr. Stansbery, and Mr. Tsilibes - who prepared all the athletes for their meets, games, and matches. The following athletes were recognized for their outstanding efforts at the Sports Banquet in May.
Kennedy Cup                         Katherine P.
Lorillard Cup                          Owen D.

Girls’ Lacrosse : 
Most Improved Player Kylie G.
MVP         Peggy S.
Coaches Award Ava S.

Boys’ Lacrosse: 
Most Improved Player Adam F.
MVP Owen D.
Coaches Award Matthew B.

Most Improved Player            Tristan L.
MVP                                        Katie B.
Coaches Award                      Carson H.



There were many athletic programs running between 3 and 4pm this winter season, supported by a lot of teachers and staff. Since the weather brought us more rain than snow this year, our fitness group spent more time running than snowshoeing. They also did a lot of strength training; thank you to Mr. Morrisohn and Mr. Hardy for having the School History Room ready for fitness every day! Thanks to Mrs. Schroh and Liz Manko for offering a yoga class to a small group. Our racquets coach, Ms. Tillsley, ran a fantastic program in squash, while our court tennis athletes had a great time learning to play with Josh and Tim from the Tuxedo Club. Lastly, thanks to all of the basketball coaches, Mr. Fontana, Ms. O’Connor, Ms. Rossano, and Mr. Tsilibes, who persevered through a long season of canceled and rescheduled games but made the most of every practice. The following athletes were recognized for their outstanding efforts at the winter sports assembly; congratulations to all of the award recipients!

Girls’ Basketball: 
Most Improved Player Ava S.
MVP Katherine P.
Coaches Award Lili M. & Peggy S.

Boys’ Basketball: 
Most Improved Player Adam F.
MVP Aidan C.
Coaches Award Aman P. & Timothy S.

Coaches Award Simar A.

Most Improved Skier Eunbii J.
Fastest Snowboarder Sean C. & Ava S.
Jake Shepard Ski Bowl      Megan D. & Owen D.

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