Field Day goes to Green

Posted On: 5/25/2018 4:09 PM

Tuxedo Park School students enjoyed a beautiful day outdoors for the annual Field Day competition, with Green Team prevailing over the Gold Team, 272-262.  But it wasn't enough to overtake the lead the Gold Team amassed over the year.

The annual event, usually held on the third Saturday in May, was postponed to today after a rainout last week. Despite the delay, there were high spirits and beautiful weather for a day full traditional field day events. 

Although today was the make-up day for field day, the Green and Gold Banquet was held as scheduled in the afternoon.  

After tallying the scores for the softball throw, shotput, long jump, 50, 100, 200-meter races and multiple relays the field day competition came down to the tug-of-war.  

As the teams lined-up and prepared to tug, Head of School Todd Stansbery made a surprise announcement. 

"Now and forever," he said, "the Green and Gold Tug-of-War is now named the Kranzo Tug-of-War."

Dawn Kranzo is a fixture at TPS.  She's been at the school for 19 years teaching PE and directing athletics.  She is retiring after this school year but will be remembered forever with the concluding competition of TPS Field Day, which now bears her name.

After receiving the recognition Dawn Kranzo deserved, she started the tug.  Green Team prevailed, winning the Field Day with a score of 272-262.

However, Field Day is just one event of the year's competition.  Despite Green Team's field-day win, it wasn't enough to overcome the deficit the Gold Team imposed on them throughout the year.  Ultimately, Gold Team triumphed with a score of 734-660.

Following the announcement of the results, Gold Team captain, Megan D., and adviser Mr. Donaldson hoisted the gold flag on the school flagpole where it will remain until a new winner is announced next year.

With field day competitions concluded, it was time for the banquet.  A lot happens at the banquet.  Second graders are inducted into their teams.  Now and forever, they will be a member of either the green or gold team.  A very special moment comes when the captains for the teams for next year are identified with a tap on the shoulder from the outgoing captains.  Thalia T., and Piper J., received their taps for Green and Gold team captains, respectively.

Finally, the losing team serves cake to the winners.  This year, the Gold Team had the honor of receiving their cake from the Green Team.

Following the banquet, each team, complete with their newest second-grade team members, gather to practice a cheer.  The cheer is the first event of next years Green and Gold competition.  This year, the Gold Team one the cheer event.


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