Strategic Vision

A Message from Pamela van der Lee, President, TPS Board of Trustees
Todd Stansbery and I are pleased to inform you that the TPS Board of Trustees has kicked off a year-long strategic planning process intended to identify a vision and a set of strategic priorities that will help TPS thrive today and well into the future.

The timing to undertake such an exercise is ideal. With a year as Head of School now behind him, Todd has had the opportunity to get to know our wonderful school and assess the challenges and opportunities that it faces. As he works to put his stamp on the School and its direction, it is imperative that he and the Board are on the same page AND are working together to understand the dynamics of our program, our competition, national and regional trends in education and what you, our stakeholders, want from a TPS education. Through the generous donation of a Board member, we have hired a strategic planning firm out of Boston, Corentus, to help us take an objective look at our school and assist us with streamlining our process.

Building on the important work that was done by Kathleen McNamara and the Strategic Task Force in 2012/2013 to identify four strategic initiatives that have guided the school for the last 4 years, Todd and the Board have already begun the process of conducting an environmental scan focusing on the following critical areas:

• Academic Areas/Educational Trends
• Student Body/Student Experience
• Talent
• Competitive Landscape
• Financial Health and Sustainability

Through this exercise, we will discover important, timely, and relevant information that will help us define/refine the strategies that will help us set a course to maintain financial and enrollment stability, and most importantly, deliver a world class program to students today and well into the future. As it will be important to reach out to the School community for input, you can expect to receive one or more surveys to complete regarding your experiences with the School and/or be asked for your feedback through various means. We encourage you to participate.

We will provide periodic updates through the TPS website, the Menuscript, Parents’ Association meetings and more, but please feel free to reach out to Todd or me should you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your support of our efforts! We look forward to sharing our conclusions with you at the end of this process.

Tuxedo Park School: Strategic Vision

The Board of Trustees of Tuxedo Park School has adopted a series of strategic priorities to guide the school’s future success. A dedicated group of individuals, the “Strategic Think Tank,” has crafted a thoughtful vision for our school and a purposeful roadmap for the years ahead. Deeply rooted in our history of excellence, the plan has been developed with the understanding that we need to be forward thinking to best equip our students to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We are thankful to those individuals who served on the “Strategic Think Tank” and helped us to envision our future.

The foundation for this initiative has been based on a strategic planning process that has involved multiple stakeholders, four priorities, and one common thread: a bright future for Tuxedo Park School.

Our priorities are focused and steadfast:

  • Build upon our tradition of and commitment to academic excellence while embracing the components of a 21st century education, including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) initiatives and differentiated instruction guided by the latest brain research.
  • Recruit, reward, and retain the best faculty and staff, and provide unparalleled professional development opportunities.
  • Prepare, preserve, and expand the campus as Blairhame enters its second century.
  • Achieve long-term financial health and grow our endowment.

We are investing in programs and resources that will drive our success through the next decade as we preserve, enrich, and evolve our school, prepare it for 21st Century education, and achieve financial sustainability.

Giving Thanks
We give thanks to those who led the way at the beginning our strategic initiatives and to all those who have followed in their footsteps. Your support is integral to the future of Tuxedo Park School, and we are proud and grateful to partner with you.  

Faculty and Professional Development
Monderer Initiative for Professional Development
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Monderer, P’13

Mr. James and Mrs. Nina Obolensky Prudden ‘76
Tuxedo Park: The Gift of Nature by Carol Monderer

21st Century Education
Brain & Learning Initiative for Differentiated Instruction
Mr. Marc Kirschenbaum and Dr. Stacey Kirschenbaum

STEAM Initiative and Curricular Innovations
Mr. and Mrs. Pierson G. Mapes

Dr. Prem Lachman and Ms. Joyce Falini, P'17, P'17

Blairhame Centennial Fund to Prepare, Preserve and Expand the Campus
Graduation Garden
2014 Freshman Class Gift
2015 Freshman Class Gift
2016 Freshman Class Gift

Dining Room
2014 TPS Annual Benefit - Raise Your Paddle
Lead Donors:
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Donaghy, P’13, P’15, P’16, P’18

Blairhame Lobby
2015 TPS Annual Benefit - Raise Your Paddle
Lead Donors:
Dr. Prem Lachman and Ms. Joyce Falini, P'17, P'17
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swanson
Convertible Performing Arts and Assembly Center
2016 TPS Annual Benefit - Raise Your Paddle
Lead Donors:
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Coughlin, P'16
Dr. Prem Lachman and Ms. Joyce Falini, P'17, P'17
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