Leave an indelible mark on TPS

Purchase a TPS Brick
We are moving the flagpole to a new location by the Primary School wing.
The TPS Brick Path will beautify the area, while also giving TPS families and alumni the opportunity to leave an indelible mark at TPS - Now and Forever!

Purchase a brick with your name on it (or your family name or a teacher's name). Buy for your family, your graduate, an alum, or buy as a group in honor of a teacher.

Order your brick directly here or use the attached form to complete your order.

Be creative! Here are a few examples of what you can do:

In Honor of Mrs. Betti
The Smith Family

Thanks for the Memories!
The Jones Family

Gold Team Forever!
Megan Duffy
Gold Team Captain '99/'00

TPS Forever!
Go Green!
Love, The Johnson Family

In honor of Mr. Ham
You are our rock!
The Freshman Class

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