All students in Grades 6-9 play on a competitive interscholastic athletic team. They learn the skills of teamwork and the important values of self-discipline, tenacity, responsibility, and sportsmanship. The goal of the program is to have every child be an active and responsible member of the teams and to represent Tuxedo Park School in a proud and respectful way. Fall sports are coed tennis, soccer for the boys, volleyball for girls, and field hockey for the girls. The winter sport is basketball for both boys and girls. Some students may choose not to play basketball and participate in squash, court tennis or join a conditioning class. Also during the winter, all students in Grades 3-9 participate in a five-week ski program on Thursdays. In the spring, the sports include coed track and field, lacrosse for boys, and lacrosse for girls. Teamwork is an important component of the program. Students learn to work together, respect each other’s differences, and help each other to succeed. The program is unique since all four grades participate together and interact across grade levels and divisions. 


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