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At Tuxedo Park School, we provide students from Pre K to 9th grade with a first-rate academic experience in a nurturing environment designed to help them reach their potential and grow as students and individuals. 

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More Than Just Academics

When the topic of ‘school’ comes up, the first thoughts that come to mind will probably revolve around academics, classes, tests, and homework. While we’ll gladly tout our excellent teachers, our high level of enriching academics, and our outstanding student-to-teacher ratio, we at Tuxedo Park School strive to be more than that.

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Should Your Child Switch from Public to Private School?

Many parents who aren’t happy with public schools begin exploring the idea of sending their children to private schools. Parents can face this issue throughout the education journey— in Pre K, Kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and even as late as high school.

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5 Home Activities to Keep Kids’ Brains Active Over The Summer

As Tuxedo Park School heads into the final month of classes before summer vacation, it’s time to start thinking of fun ways to stay educationally engaged over break! We’ve compiled some of the best ways to keep kids’ brains active at home while enjoying their time off.

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The Benefits of Private School

When it comes to determining the route for your child’s education, there are many factors to consider. One tough choice is: public school or private school?

Although the price of private school tuition might seem dissuading, the benefits of a private school education dramatically outweigh the costs.

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The Difference Between Pre K and Kindergarten

As a parent, you want the best for you kids in terms of education. The first step in that education involves Pre K and Kindergarten.

While parents may debate whether or not Pre K is necessary before beginning Kindergarten, a common misconception is that they are essentially the same type of schooling.

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A Private School Unlike Any Other

Tuxedo Park School’s rich and extensive history is just one of the things that make us such a unique independent private school.

We are built on a commitment to educating children of all ages and from our humble beginning to today we preserve that pledge while upholding a nurturing environment where students can grow to reach their potential.

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