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Where Every Child


Values That Define Us

Our entire community lives the school's creed, "Be Kind. Be Fair. Be Responsible."  

Every day - in and out of the classroom - our entire faculty and staff models, teaches and reinforces these values with our students in both planned and organic ways.


A Place to Grow

At TPS, children grow together, and are guided by adults who embrace the journey.

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Ages 3 & 4 years old


Pre-K | Every child Happy


Pre-K at Tuxedo Park School utilizes a developmental approach that meets children where they are, presenting opportunities to engage in new experiences and appropriate challenges. 

Primary School

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade


Primary School | Every child Curious

Primary School students are challenged and supported to develop lasting habits of mind that approach the world with curiosity, compassion, and resilience.

Middle School

4th - 6th Grades


Middle School | Every child Inspired

Our Middle School Program is designed to allow students to gain independence gradually in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Upper School

7th & 8th Grades


Upper School | Every child Confident

In the Upper School’s rigorous preparatory program, students are guided to unearth meaning and approach challenges with confidence.

Freshman Year

9th Grade


Freshman Year | Every child Ready

Being leaders as Freshmen results in confident, well-spoken, driven teenagers. Their Honors level courses demand more, and they step up to the plate knowing they are learning in a nurturing environment.  

In Their Words

Students reflect on the connections they have with their teachers at TPS. 


8th Grade


4th Grade


8th Grade 


Alumnus '22

Paige & Simon

1st Grade Siblings