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Tuxedo Park School

Where Every Child Thrives

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Why TPS?


Community Values

Discover a community of lifelong learners and educators who genuinely embrace and teach the values children need to become thoughtful and productive citizens of our communities, our country, and their ever-changing world. 


Personal Attention

At Tuxedo Park School, every teacher knows every child. Our small size allows us to administer differentiated instruction at all levels and to challenge the most advanced students while supporting those who need additional or varied instruction. 


Character Education

We believe in empowering students students to become thoughtful, articulate, passionate leaders and change makers. Our school's creed, "Be Kind, Be Fair, Be Responsible" is more than just a motto - it embodies the spirit and values of the TPS community.


Strong Relationships

TPS teachers develop character, encourage curiosity, foster the confidence needed to succeed, and ensure students take pride and ownership in their work and achievements. Meaningful interpersonal connections with TPS teachers last a lifetime.


Secure 17-Acre Campus

Our beautiful 17-acre campus, surrounded by the natural beauty of Tuxedo Park, offers a secure and bountiful environment that helps each child learn and grow. Our unique location and our mission help to provide a physically safe environment that allows children to take the "safe risks" necessary for growth.


Unique Opportunities

Our students have a competitive advantage when they move on to the next phase of life because of the academic, athletic, artistic, and other unique experiences they accrue at TPS.



To this day, we have no regrets about sending our son to TPS and joining this very special place and family.  We believe the education he received, the friendships he cultivated and the relationships/interactions he built with his teachers could not be replicated.

Desai Family



The PreK-9 Model

Fact-based research and evidence confirm what we’ve believed all along: Pre-K-9 is the independent school model that best supports the emotional, developmental, and academic needs of younger students before they begin high school.

We do not have a high school because we want to preserve an environment in which the needs of younger students remain paramount. With the Pre-K-9 model as a foundation, Tuxedo Park School students learn and grow in a nurturing atmosphere that provides time and guidance to explore identity, goals, and interests. By the time they reach eighth or ninth grade, they are fully prepared to choose the high school that best fits whom they have become, and they are fully prepared to be leaders in their new school community.



The Value of an Independent Education

Defining what matters to you and your family will go a long way in helping you decide on the right school.

Tuxedo Park School offers a values-based education, high academic standards, excellent teachers who provide personal attention to each and every student, an inclusive community, and lifelong connections for families. 




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