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About Us

Tuxedo Park School

Small School. Big Difference.

Our school is a place where children are known and appreciated as individuals and where children’s strengths are nurtured, their skills are built, and their creativity is inspired. We are a community of lifelong learners and educators who genuinely embrace and teach the values children need to become thoughtful and productive citizens of our communities, our country, and the world.

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Values That Define Us

We are committed to empowering lifelong learners by developing character, encouraging curiosity, and fostering confidence in our students resulting in thoughtful, articulate, passionate leaders and change makers.


Strong character builds a strong community.

Students emerge from TPS strong in character. Experiences intentionally promoting these outcomes are woven into our program, beginning in Primary School until their final day in the graduation garden. Our Character Development Program purposefully teaches students about caring for others through service work, being part of a diverse and unique community, and how small moments matter.

Children are born with natural curiosity

At TPS we provide various opportunities for students to explore those curiosities by collaborating to answer open-ended inquiries through hands-on learning, research, and classroom discussions. Whether it is understanding why a mathematical formula works, why the soil’s pH impacts the harvest in our organic garden, or exploring ancient hieroglyphics across history and art class, students are endlessly engaged in making sense of the world around them.

We know that confidence is cultivated by overcoming challenges. 

Confidence is maintaining a balanced view of self: taking pride in your abilities and recognizing where you can improve. Our teachers foster confidence in students by giving them a safe environment to speak in class, take intellectual risks, and ask for help when needed. Students develop skills to work through obstacles with an open mind. 

Be Kind. Be Fair. Be Responsible.

Our entire school lives the creed, "Be Kind. Be Fair. Be Responsible." In countless small moments throughout each day, our students and staff take care of each other and our community. Time spent at Tuxedo Park School breeds character - the kind of character that stays with a child for a lifetime.

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Robust Academic Program


Educating students from Pre-K to Grade 9, Tuxedo Park School offers a curriculum that is traditional in its roots yet innovative in its approach. Our challenging curriculum brings out the most in every child. Children learn in different ways at different times. Our talented faculty is adept at challenging each child within the context of a group lesson. We meet children where they are and help them move forward as they are developmentally and academically ready. Our program includes a purposeful blend of core academics, foreign language, performing and fine arts, athletics, community service, and character education.

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Curiosity, Character, Confidence

We are committed to empowering lifelong learners by developing character, encouraging curiosity, and fostering confidence in our students resulting in thoughtful, articulate, passionate leaders and change makers. We kindle intellectual curiosity by providing various opportunities for students to collaborate and answer open-ended inquiries through hands-on learning, research, and classroom discussions. By supporting students on their individual pathways to academic growth and success, confident young leaders emerge.

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Students are Known

Before a student can be fully engaged and challenged in learning, a child must feel comfortable. At Tuxedo Park School, every teacher knows every child. Our small classes, family-style lunches, buddy programs, and all-school assemblies ensure that every child at Tuxedo Park School is not just known by name, but is understood and valued for their unique strengths, gifts, and  interests. We recognize the scholar, the athlete, the artist, the musician, the dreamer, and the doer that lives in each child. Being known gives children a sense of security; this sense of security fosters an environment where children feel safe taking risks and stepping outside of their comfort zones.

The Value Of an Independent School


Small by Design

From early childhood through Freshman Year, we offer small classes that encourage strong academic results. Small by design, the school maintains a low student-teacher ratio of 5-to-1. Knowing your child means we can celebrate their individual successes. We work with each child to set goals for their next steps, and we celebrate their growth and development. Our standardized test scores regularly surpass independent school norms, and many of our graduates enter highly competitive boarding and day schools and regularly qualify for advanced standing and honors high school classes. 

TPS At a Glance

Our Students Are

Thoughtful Advocates

Respect for others, listening to opinions different from your own, and personal reflection for growth are ideals woven throughout all grade levels.  

Articulate Communicators

An emphasis on public speaking at an early age develops students' ability to self-advocate and communicate effectively with both peers and adults.

Passionate Leaders

Opportunities for students to lead within the school are abundant, as well as developing passions.


Change Makers

Students are challenged to envision a better world and how they can be a part of it. At TPS we are not afraid of change.

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Admissions Process

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Our Inclusive Community

TPS is devoted to confronting issues that get in the way of building a more inclusive space. 

Community Stories

Our students, teachers, alumni, and parents all have a TPS story to tell.