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Message from the Head of School


Welcome to Tuxedo Park School! 

There is nothing conventional about this place.  TPS is a small school with a huge heart.  Students travel to TPS within a 35 mile radius and from 38 ZIP codes in New York and New Jersey.  They do so in order to work and play with some of the best friends they will have in their entire lives—and with a faculty and staff unmatched for skill, enthusiasm, and care.

We spend our days together in an unforgettable building—a century-old architectural marvel, lovingly remade into a unique school.  We all learn what it means to be kind, fair, and responsible—the three fundamental values of our life together.  And when our students say farewell, their graduation takes place inside a walled garden on the grounds of the school, which has nurtured and protected them, but also inspired them to become great learners, citizens, and friends.  From here they go on to some of the finest secondary schools in our region and beyond. Our graduates are well prepared, curious, articulate, and confident young men and women, who are ready for even greater challenges.

TPS is a small elementary school.  This is its source of strength.  Its focus is solely on the first years of education, when children love to learn.  These boys and girls will be known and cherished.  They will learn the importance of character and respect for others from many different backgrounds and with diverse personalities.  Every student will join the Green or Gold team, a beloved school tradition that engages their loyalty and encourages them to be friendly competitors.  They will become public speakers and performers.  They will build strong habits of study, acquire knowledge in many fields, thrive as scientists, musicians, and artists, develop a regard for the power and beauty of language and mathematics, and enjoy an active life in sports, nature, and the wider world.  They will be valued members of a nurturing community, which teaches them to be good citizens and joyful, sensitive friends.  

Please come see Tuxedo Park School and judge for yourself.  Since 1900 it has blended kindness, rigor, and fun in a way few schools can match.  The traditions of TPS are rich, its students are happy and steadfast, and their future is full of promise.  We hope to meet you and your children soon and show you the school that we love.

-Stuart Johnson