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Mission and Strategic Priorities

Tuxedo Park School

Honors effort and excellence
Inspires a lifelong love of learning
Celebrates each student
Values its traditions and historic community
Prepares students for a changing world
Nurtures its core values:
Be Kind, Be Fair, Be Responsible

A Vision for Tuxedo Park School

These four priorities reinforce our school's commitment to preserving, enriching and evolving our rich program and history, and boldly challenges us to continually assess and measure our efforts toward achieving excellence in all that we do.

Deliver Academic & Faculty Excellence

Dedicated to academic excellence and the education of the whole child, TPS will continue to enrich its rigorous academic curriculum and treasured character education program and will proactively identify, evaluate and implement pedagogical advances that will best prepare its students for academic and personal success. Celebrating the role that teachers play in delivering the student’s education, TPS is committed to cultivating an inclusive and collaborative learning community for faculty and partnering with them to identify and develop new and enhanced skills needed to educate students in a rapidly changing and technologically advanced world. 

  • Nurture, develop and advance world-class faculty 
  • Continuously research, evaluate and enrich academic programming and delivery, to ensure the development of the knowledge and skills needed to best prepare students for secondary schools and beyond. 
  • Continue to revere character education as an essential part of TPS curriculum and embrace it as a differentiator of our program

Maintain Financial Health & Vitality

Guided by sound financial management principles, TPS will maintain a balanced budget through sustainable enrollment, effective cost management, efficient application of capital resources, and additional fundraising/revenue-generating initiatives. 

  • Ensure responsible fiscal management, while striving to minimize tuition increases  
  • Realize a balanced operating budget with no deficits year on year 
  • Grow our endowment 
  • Responsibly manage debt and surpluses 
  • Invest in Development Team and continue success of fundraising efforts 
  • Complete master facility plan and achieve/allocate appropriate funds to implement specified phased building and plant enhancements 
  • Identify additional/new, innovative revenue streams to reduce dependence on tuition 

Strategically Manage Enrollment 

Reliant on strong enrollment to maintain the financial health of the school, as well as providing an optimal classroom and learning environment for our students, TPS will attract, cultivate and retain a diverse student population that thrives in a program committed to rigorous academic excellence and upholds the core values, traditions and experiences of the school. 

  • Achieve enrollment targets for new students year over year 
  • Maintain/minimize attrition rates year over year 
  • Launch a comprehensive, multi-faceted marketing program to increase our name/brand recognition and communicate the beneficial qualities of a TPS education 

Proactively Plan for Future Success

Devoted to delivering exceptional learning outcomes for its current and future students that are consistent with the school’s mission and expected of best in class independent schools, TPS is committed to ongoing self-examination of our educational quality, financial model and operational competency. Our dedication to excellence, proactive evolution of our programmatic offerings, and regular self-examination, will ensure that TPS is well positioned to optimize the benefits and mitigate the challenges associated with an ever-changing educational, economic and demographic landscape in our area, our nation and our world. 

  • Assess regional and national economic and demographic shifts and preemptively explore ways to optimize opportunities and mitigate challenges 
  • Explore partnerships/strategic alliances with educational experts and partners to identify potential signature programs/exclusive offerings and/or broader/differentiating experiences for TPS students