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TPS 5th Grade Robotics Tech Expo

This trimester 5th grade students learned the basics of robotics. Robotics is the combination of machines (mechanical engineering) and computer programming.  Last year's engineering and computer programming classes were an excellent primer to prepare students for this year's challenges.

The robots the students built are rovers that utilize a two wheel drive transmission.  By applying different amounts of power to each wheel, students can move their robots forward, back, and turn.  Students also explored using arm attachments, color and ultrasonic sensors. 

Students broke into four groups, each with a unique mission, and demonstrated a variety of these missions at the Expo, while discussing their successes and failures.  While completing these missions students utilized the core skills of problem solving, collaboration, creativity, and grit.  Through play we create a passion for learning.


Michael & Matthew

Mechanical Arm Attachment

Kalya & Gabi

Winston & William

Max & Tate

Ultrasonic Sensor

Maya & Katie

Mia & Elizabeth

Color Sensor

Ty & Michael

Marayo & Catherine