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Geography Bee Winner

Congratulations to eighth-grader Max Neal for winning the TPS Geography Bee and the Louis M. Ogden Memorial Cup.

For the win, Max correctly answered: National Geographic Explorer Ricardo Moreno studies jaguars and human-jaguar conflict in places like Darien National Park, the largest national park in which Central American country?  His answer was Panama.

Students on the Green and Gold teams took a qualifying test to vie for a place at today's competition. The Gold team totaled the most correct answers and received 25 points for the annual Green and Gold competition. The top students in each grade earned two points for their team (2 points for Green, 10 points for Gold). Max earned 5 more points for the Green team for winning the Bee.

As of today, Dec. 14, 2019, the total score is Green 114, Gold 196.

In 1957 the Louis M. Ogden Memorial Cup was awarded for excellence in geography. Mr. & Mrs. Ogden, in whose memory the cup was created, lived in Tuxedo Park for many years. They were world travelers and loved to tell of their adventures. – excerpt from Tuxedo Park School by Vera G. Brigham.