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Tuxedo Park School Holds a Lemonade Stand to Fight Racism

On Monday, April 26, Tuxedo Park School held a contact-free Lemonade Stand Against Racism. All proceeds have been donated to Color of Change and Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ), two organizations that aim to advance human rights for Black and Asian communities, as well as create a more just and equitable society for all.

Parents, students, and family pets drove through during pick-up to support our students’ initiative and grab a cup of lemonade.  Our community’s support was overwhelming and encouraging with over 120 cups sold and over $600 raised. Our thirsty students did so much good!

Students enthusiastically prepared by painting a beautiful, bright banner, making posters, flyers, and handmade thank you cards for each person who bought a cup of lemonade or donated to this significant cause. With messages like “Thank you for helping stop the hate” and “One like for lemonade is one dislike for racism!” our students brought heartwarming smiles to all.


Teaching our children the value of being an engaged citizen is a priority for Tuxedo Park School. Service-learning connects students' academic learning to real-world community problem-solving. Our students’ service-learning fosters their commitment within the local communities and creates more conscientious individuals who are kind, fair, and responsible.