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Tuxedo Park School Stock Market Project

This trimester the Algebra IA class participated in the Tuxedo Park School Stock Market Project. The first step of the process was to research ten companies to determine in which the students wanted to invest. They sketched individual graphs of the one-year history of the company’s performance in the stock market in order to determine what the trends were over the last year. Then the students invested up to $10,000 in a minimum of three and a maximum of five companies. Over the next three weeks, they checked and recorded their profits and losses daily. At the end of this period, the class learned how to create spreadsheets and graphs of their data. The culmination of this project was to create a poster with information about each stock and visuals of the graphs. Students wrote reflective questions about why they chose the companies in which they invested, the accuracy of their predictions, and whether or not they would invest in the stock market in the future. Their presentations were excellent, as the enthusiasm for this project was unanimously positive.