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tuxedo park school students at Ridin-Hy Ranch

Tuxedo Park School seventh, eight, and ninth-grade students achieved new heights during the annual upper school ski trip to Gore Mountain Jan. 23-25.

The annual trip complements Tuxedo Park School's exceptional and unique ski program. This year's seventh graders have been preparing for this trip since they were in third grade, the first year students participate in the school's ski program. Although the first day of skiing was rained-out, students found plenty of activities at the ranch to keep themselves entertained.

The upper school trip to Gore is certainly a highlight of the program. Students stay at the Ridin-Hy Ranch, which is a short bus ride to the ski resort. Students have a mix of free time and planned activities. The first night consisted of a minute-to-win-it competition. Green and gold points were at stake. This year Green came away winning four events, with Gold's three events.  

Tuxedo Park School students at Rydin-Hy Ranch

Green prevailed in:
-Bite Me: Pick up bags of various size with teeth.
-Rapid Fire: Use a rubber band to knock all of the cups down.
-Bucket Head: Wear the hat on your hand bouncing the ping pong balls on the floor with enough power to get into your hat.
-Moving On Up: Stack the cups until you get to the original cup.

Gold edged out Green in:
-Noodling Around:  Take spaghetti strand in your mouth and scoop up 5 penne pasta noodles, kneeling, no hands.
-Thar She Blows: Must push all of the cups off the table with a balloon
-Bouncing balls Bounce ping pong balls into an egg holder.

No winner was declared in Face the Cookie: Slide the cookie from your forehead into your mouth.

The second evening's activities included karaoke, which turned into more of a dance party. The faculty was impressed with the amount of energy displayed by the upper schoolers on the dance floor.

Tuxedo Park School students and faculty on Gondola at Gore Mountain

Each night before the planned activities, students have the opportunity to go tubing, play games in the lounge, swim in the indoor pool, or play basketball on the indoor court.

Although the weather prevented on a full day of skiing this trip, all of the students who are returning to TPS next year are already looking forward to Gore 2020.