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Yoga Assembly


On Friday, September 25, Tuxedo Park School warmly welcomed guest yoga instructor, Mrs. Stansbery, to lead our Friday Assembly. The entire student body and faculty gathered on Shepard Field to participate in a fun and relaxing afternoon yoga practice. Mrs. Stansbery spoke about the importance of our core value, kindness.  We often emphasize the need to be kind to others, but she took the time to highlight the importance of being kind to oneself.  Mrs. Stansbery then led our community through yoga poses to help calm our bodies and minds before the weekend.

“Through yoga, children are invited to become aware of their thoughts and emotions and enhance their ability and power to adjust and adapt in various situations. Foundational to yoga is self-love and awareness because how we treat ourselves is, ultimately, how we treat others.  Yoga is a philosophy for how we live together in this life,” Stansbery explained, “Yoga helps children build confidence, concentration, peace, well-being, acceptance, and compassion.”

Our close-knit community is grounded in shared experiences and opportunities to connect and care for one another and ourselves.