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"Home is the place where you grow up and learn valuable life lessons. And, no, I don't mean learning how to solve equations or how to speak French. Those are important lessons, but I mean life lessons and life affirming memories...TPS became my home."
-Julia P., '01

Academic Program Overview


Parents know that a “one size fits all” education does not work for children. Parents want a school where their children are known and appreciated as individuals; they want a school that can nurture their children's strengths, build their skills, and inspire their creativity. Most importantly, they want a school that genuinely teaches and embraces the values children need to become thoughtful and productive citizens of our communities, our country, and the world. Parents want a small school that makes a big difference in the lives of their children.

Since 1900, Tuxedo Park School has provided a safe, nurturing educational community where intellectual curiosity, hard work, creativity, integrity, and the joy of learning mark each day. Here are some of the hallmarks of a TPS education:

  • Small class sizes from Pre-K to Freshman Year ensure that every child is known.
  • Differentiated instruction at all levels challenges the most advanced students while supporting those who need additional or varied instruction.
  • Our beautiful 17-acre campus, surrounded by the natural beauty of Tuxedo Park, offers an enriching environment that helps each child learn and grow.
  • Our unique location and our mission help to provide a physically safe environment that allows children to take the safe risks necessary for growth.
  • Because of our small size, our students develop in confidence and character while making meaningful interpersonal connections--all of which make a big difference in their lives both now and in their future.
  • Our students have a competitive advantage when they move on to the next phase of life because of the academic, social, athletic, artistic, and other unique experiences they have had at TPS.

Five Minute Faculty Feature

Madame Vignola shares her thoughts about Tuxedo Park Schools unique programming.  In this special five-minute video she covers teaching French to pre-k through third-graders, the Green and Gold Competition, the special characteristics of the freshman year, how much TPS appreciates its students, parents, and faculty.