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PreK - 9th Grade at TPS

Imagine your child eager to learn, excited to see their teachers, and inspired to take on each day. 

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Primary School

Pre-K - 3rd Grade

Primary School offers a nurturing environment that focuses on independence and confidence.

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Middle School

4-6th Grade

Middle School is a joyful and curious environment that cultivates students' academic, social, and emotional skills during a transitional time.

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Upper School

7-9th Grade

Upper School is a challenging environment that prepares students to achieve excellence and thrive in their lives beyond TPS. 

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At TPS, strong teacher-student relationships lead to every child truly being known. 

Skilled teachers guide students to set individual goals, not just meeting them, but pushing boundaries further than they realized possible. By setting rigorous standards for academic work, classroom engagement, community service, and leadership, TPS teachers develop character, encourage curiosity, foster the confidence needed to succeed, and ensure students take pride and ownership in their work and achievements.

A challenging environment and a nurturing one.

Purposeful, supportive, and compassionate teachers create brave learning spaces where our students feel safe to speak up, step out of their comfort zones, and challenge themselves to grow their understandings. Ask any student or alum - success at TPS begins with strong student-teacher relationships and blooms in inquisitive, collaborative classrooms.



Small class sizes allow for personalized attention and targeted instruction to keep students engaged. 

Our student-centered approach to education is exemplary for developing the social-emotional skills and traits that young people need to succeed and contribute positively to their community. 

Why I Teach

I found early on in my career that my interactions with students are as engaging as any history book I have ever read. I am driven to teach by the ceaselessly interesting, exciting interactions I get to have with students. The passion and sense of joyous wonder our students exhibit when coming to new and greater understandings of our collective past is contagious and affirming. Moreover, though I have been studying this content for the better part of three decades and teaching it to hundreds of students for the better part of one, the seventh and eighth graders at TPS are constant sources of novel ideas and expression that change the way I think about our history. This invigorating fact, as much as anything else, drives me to teach. – Josh Nealon, History Teacher