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After School Enrichment Program

Cycle I Programs


Arts and Crafts with Mrs. Moskalik

Day                    Thursday

Time                    3-4 p.m. (grades K-3)

Cost                    $200

Materials Fee      $25

*TPS is unable to discount this program for tuition assistance families.

Does your child love creating arts and crafts using a variety of materials? When children participate in arts and crafts they develop their own individual craftsmanship. As a child creates, they have begun the process of communicating visually. This enrichment program will help your child learn some basic art techniques and how to express themselves visually using a variety of art mediums. It will also help them follow instructions, further develop their fine motor skills, brainstorm ideas, collaborate with their peers and use their problem solving skills.The crafts planned for this enrichment program are structured activities with specific goals in mind. Some of the project ideas planned for this program may include: Mexican Huichol Yarn Paintings, Craft Stick Treasure Boxes, Zentangle Leaf Drawings, Oil Pastel Scratch Art Mandala Paintings, Paper Mache Turtles, Sharpie Tye Dye, Watercolor Peacock Collages, Clay Wind Chimes, Safari Animal Paintings,  Animal Wood Slice Art, Galaxy Paintings and Clay Owls. Any projects not introduced in this cycle will be taught in the following cycle. 

Knitting for Students

Instructor:                  Ms. Sweeney
Day:                            Thursday
Grades:                      Kindergarten-Third                                     Time:                          3-4 p.m.
Cost:                           $200.00

Knitting for Adults

Instructor:                  Ms. Sweeney
Day:                            Wednesday
Grades:                      Adults Only
Time:                          3 – 4 p.m.
Cost:                           $150.00

Mad Science

Instructor:                   Mad Science of the Hudson Valley

Day:                            Thursday

Grades:                        First-Third

Time:                          3 – 4 p.m.

Cost:                            $145.00                    

*A minimum of 10 registered students is required to run this program.

*TPS is unable to discount this program for tuition assistance families.

Math Olympiads

Math Olympiads – This program begins on Tuesday, November 5 – March 3, 2020

Instructor:                   Mr. Donaldson

Day:                            Tuesday

Grades:                      Fourth-Eighth

Time:                          4 – 5 p.m.

Cost:                           $350

For information about this enrichment program please contact Darren Donaldson at ddonaldson@tuxedoparkschool.org

Jewelry Making with Mrs. Moskalik

Instructor:          Mrs. Moskalik

Day                     Wednesday

Time                   3-4 p.m. (grades K-3) & 4-5 p.m. (grades 4-9)

Cost                   $200

Material Fee:     $25

*TPS is unable to discount this program for tuition assistance families.

Does your child love to create their own jewelry or gifts for their friends and family? If this sounds like your child then this enrichment program is for them. Your child will make something special each week that expresses their creativity. They will build friendships with other creative minds in a fun and creative environment that encourages individuality and student mentoring. Younger students will be mentored by older students that volunteer in the class. Project ideas for this session include: Jewelry Boxes, Button Bracelets, Beaded Keychains and Bookmarks, Headbands, Lanyard and Friendships String Bracelets, Handmade Beads, Friendship Pin Necklaces and Bracelets, Beaded Bracelets and Necklaces. 


Instructor:                  Mackenzie Molner

Day:                            Wednesday

Grades:                       Kindergarten -Ninth (see below)

Time:                          3-4 pm (grades K-3)                                                                       & 4-5 pm (grades 4-9) 4-5 p.m.

Cost:                          $240.00

*TPS is unable to discount this program for tuition assistance families.

Learn the fundamentals, tactics, strategy, and new checkmate patterns from Grandmaster Mac!

Grandmaster Mac Molner earned his Grandmaster title in 2013. He has close to a decade of experience teaching students of all ages and skill levels. Among his notable achievements, Grandmaster mac has coached the American world youth team in the United Arab Emirates where on of his students won the gold medal with a near perfect score. In 2015 his school programs won first place in the state scholastic championship in all divisions.


Instructor:                   Ms. Sweeney

Day:                            Monday

Grades:                       First-Third

Time:                          3 – 4 p.m.

Cost:                           $150.00

Material Fee:              $25.00

Cooking with Chef Barbara

Instructor:                   Chef Barbara

Day:                            Thursday

Grades:                       Second & Third

Time:                          3 – 4 p.m.

Cost:                           $185.00

Material Fee:              $25.00


*TPS is unable to discount this program for tuition assistance families.

Drawing and Painting with Ms. Antonelli

Instructor:                   Mrs. Antonelli

Day:                            Tuesday

Grades:                       First - Third

Time:                          3 – 4 p.m.

Cost:                           $185.00

Materials Fee:            $25.00

*TPS is unable to discount this program for tuition assistance families.

Come and meet with Mrs. Antonelli as we explore and develop skills in drawing and painting!  Students will work from the three main forms of reference- photographs, life, and imagination as we create pieces centered around nature, animals and portraiture.  Technical aspects such as use of space, quality of line, and color mixing will be introduced in a fun and engaging environment.  Students will also gain experience creating self-portraits and sharing their work with the group.  I hope you can join us! 


Instructor:                   Mr. Tsilibes, Ms. Bradley, Mrs. Vignola,                                         Ms. David and Ms. Masefield

Day:                            Friday

Grades:                        Third-Sixth

Time:                          3 – 4 :14 p.m. This will require a parent or guardian to pick-up their child at 4:15.

Cost:                            $200.00

There is a maximum of 12 students for this program.

Have fun and learn to traverse the wall and then climb vertically. Climbers will learn all safety procedures and will be challenged on all five vertical routes. Climbers will also learn to back-up belay and belay their peers.