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The Library at TPS is a vibrant place where our school librarian works with every student in the school, teaching them to think critically while providing them the resources and support they need to stretch their boundaries and grow as learners.


Our library program aims to support classroom instruction, and helps teachers foster student success. With access to a variety of resources and motivational reading initiatives, TPS students will be able to link their academic knowledge to real-world events and deepen their understanding.


Students spend time in the library each week and this time gives students an opportunity for self-directed inquiry, while nurturing their creativity and sparking their curiosity. Our library programs encourage students and educators to become lifelong learners and readers.

The library at TPS is a unique and essential part of our learning community, one that inspires a love of literature in a welcoming and inclusive environment. It is a place where students can share ideas, make discoveries about themselves and the world around them, and continually improve upon academic success.