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Middle School


Grades 4-6

Designed to allow students to gain independence gradually in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Students learn to analyze concepts across disciplines while making connections between the classroom and real-world experiences. 

Middle School at TPS is a transitional environment where students gain independence as their learning model is adapted. 


The School Day

In fourth grade, students stay primarily in their homeroom except for a few specialty courses each day. Fifth and Sixth-graders maintain a homeroom advisor but change classrooms and teachers for each course. Teachers and advisors build strong relationships with their students, serving not only as educators but mentors. This intentional, gradual, and well-supported transition allows students to develop the organizational skills, work habits, and independence required in Upper School and, ultimately, secondary school. 

Ski Program

The Ski Program helps students step outside of their comfort zones while spending time with students in other grades & divisions.

Character Development

Daily, intentional discussions and activities around character take place to create opportunities for authentic sharing & connection.

Advisory Program

The Advisory Program plays a big role in students' growth and development during this exciting and transitional period. 

Special Experiences for 4th-6th Grade Students

  • Middle School Mystery Night: Similar to a game of Clue, Middle School students investigate the murder of Lord Tuxedo during this evening event at Tuxedo Park School, which culminates with an ice cream social.
  • Middle School Evening Social: Dancing, games, and delicious snacks, an evening for students to just hang.
  • Science Overnight Trip, 6th Grade: Sixth grade's first overnight trip at an Outdoor Education Center.
  • Field Day: The final event of our Green and Gold competition. Students participate in a full day of outdoor games, earning points for their teams. Go Green! Go Gold!
  • Swim Day: Students spend the day at The Tuxedo Club swimming and hanging out with friends. 


Meet Noah

Grade: 7

Favorite Class:

"Spanish is my favorite, because I love learning the language. It's alot of fun to learn, and our teacher is so nice. I'm also excited to learn Spanish because it's a language spoken in so many countries."