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Middle School

Middle School at Tuxedo Park School consists of Grades 4 through 6 and is a transitional environment in which students go from a single classroom-based setting to a schedule with teacher and classroom changes throughout the day. Students ease into this shift; in Grade 4, students stay primarily in a classroom-based setting  and change classrooms and teachers for only a few courses each day. In Grades 5 and 6, students change classrooms and teachers for each course, while maintaining a homeroom and advisor as a touchstone. This intentional, gradual, and well-supported transition helps students develop the independence that will be required of them in Upper School and, ultimately, secondary school. Our teachers and advisors have strong relationships with their students, serving not only as educators but mentors.

Along with their increased independence, students in Middle School experience increased opportunities for leadership. The Student Leadership and Service Group is comprised of elected representatives from each grade level. This group plans events and community service opportunities which benefit not only the Tuxedo Park School community but the greater community outside the school environs.  

Academic disciplines in Middle School are often united by shared themes and interdisciplinary projects in order to illustrate to students that their classroom learning has real-world applications and relevance across topics. 


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Character education is incorporated each morning during our advisory program and once weekly in our 45-minute advisory class. Topics discussed include responsibility, friendship, study skills, and organization.

Student Writing at DeskStudents engage with technology through classroom use of SmartBoards; there are also laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads available for student use. Our modern science lab gives students the opportunity to join technology with classroom knowledge and experience the scientific process first hand.

The Middle School is designed to allow students to gain independence gradually in a supportive and nurturing environment. Students learn to connect concepts across disciplines while making connections between classroom and real-world experiences.