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Fifth Grade

Some of the exciting and engaging events that students in Grade 5 look forward to:

Class Play -  Students in Grade 5 perform in front of whole school at our Friday assembly in the spring. 

Survey Project - Students ask their peers survey questions, collect and analyze data, and then visually display their data in a frequency table and bar graph.  Students also present their data by writing a paragraph summarizing their findings.

Ancient Greece Research Paper - Students choose any topic they are interested in and compose a research essay with a thesis and bibliography.

Apple Mummies - In science and history, students mummify apples following all of the same steps that the ancient Egyptians used while taking observations before and after the mummification process.

Roman Marketplace - Students research Roman stores and commerce, and in Art, they create models of stores based on Roman architecture.

King Tut Death Investigation - Students research the death of King Tut, are divided into two teams, and try to prove that he was either murdered or died of natural causes.