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Fourth Grade

Some of the exciting and engaging projects that students in fourth grade look forward to:

Parent Day Tea -  Students create and read poems they wrote for their parents in conclusion of the poetry unit. Students also prepare scrapbooks to commemorate their 4th Grade year. The books are presented to their parents, along with the poems as gifts for Mother's and Father's Days. 

Geometry Map Project - Students are asked to create a map of a town, neighborhood, or fictional place.  They use parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines to form obtuse and acute angles, rays, and equilateral, scalene, and isosceles triangles in an effort to depict areas on their map.  Students then write directions from one place to another using directional terms.

Pie Chart Project - Students create a survey and then share it with other students in the class. After all of the data is collected, they create a table and pie chart to show the results.

Family Lineage Project - Students talk to parents and family members to find out where their family lineage began.  They bring in a picture of their family and create a visual board to show the different locations the students' families originated from. 

Public Speaking Contest - Students in Grade 4 memorize a speech and use their public speaking skills to present their literary work of choice to judges.  The strongest students are chosen to give their speeches at an all school assembly in the spring.  Students that are not chosen become a part of a play that is in the theme of the presenting students' speeches. 

Social Studies Presentations - Students research a country in each continent that we study in Grade 4.  They each write an essay about the location, culture, and geography of their country.  Students then create a PowerPoint presentation about their country and present it to the rest of the class.

Persuasive Posters - Students write a persuasive essay about a topic they feel strongly about.  They create a poster to persuade the class about their topic.

Reading Project -   
Students complete a graphic organizer about their independent reading book.  The organizer focuses on the setting, characters, quotes, major events, and vocabulary terms in each book. Students create a poster that includes information about their book and share their posters with the rest of the class.