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Middle School Traditions

Middle School Social

Each November, we invite the Middle School students at Tuxedo Park School to attend the Middle School Social. This Friday evening event gives an opportunity for students to socialize, play ping pong, and just spend time with their peers outside of the normal academic day. It is sponsored by the Middle School Student Council and is chaperoned by the Middle School teachers. For many, it may the first large scale event they attend without a parent chaperone. (Parents, however, may peek at their child though the upstairs gymnasium windows and smile as they watch the great time had by all!)

Mystery Night

Middle School Mystery Night, typically held on the third Friday in January, is somewhat like a live game of Clue. Potential villains (or faculty impersonating them) provide tasks and clues regarding the demise of Lady Tuxedo to student groups. Parents may join their child that evening as a chaperone and often enjoy solving the mystery as much as the students do. The evening culminates with an ice cream social for all. 

Parent Day Tea

In late Spring, fourth graders create a scrapbook and original poetry to be presented to their parents at our annual Parent Day Tea. Each child presents their poem at this event and, rest assured, there is often not a dry eye in the house as the poems reflect how deeply they care for their parents. Students compile pictures and artwork commemorating their fourth grade year in a scrapbook dedicated to their parents.

Greenkill Overnight Trip

The Greenkill Outdoor Education Center provides safe and educational programs for students through a holistic approach that tailors each trip to a school’s specific needs. In the spring of sixth grade, students and their advisors go on their first overnight trip to Greenkill.

Through guided discovery, communal living, hands on exploration, and engaging their peers, students will build character development and learn the interrelationships that exist socially and in nature. Teamwork and communication are the backbone of all of the programs but, specifically in our challenge education programs. Teambuilding activities provide a catalyst for students to work together to achieve a series of common goals.