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Sixth Grade

Some of the exciting and engaging projects students in Grade 6 look forward to:

Welcome New Students Assembly - Students in Grade 6 introduce all new students to the entire school in both English and the foreign language they are studying.

Research Projects - Students compose two research essays based on one topic of their choice in both the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance. The children examine how their topic evolves over time.

Explorer Presentation - Students research an explorer from the Age of Exploration and present the explorers accomplishments in character. 

Columbus Primary Resources - Students investigate Columbus and his influence on the Americas during the Age of Exploration, examining several primary sources from different perspectives. The project culminates with a written analysis of Columbus and why he should not be celebrated and revered. 

Un Voyage en France – Students create travel guides to different provinces in France and present them orally to the class with a homemade dish representing the cuisine of their province.

National French Exam – Students in Grade 6 participate in the National French Exam, which is administered in March.