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Primary School

PreK-Grade 3

Tuxedo Park School’s Primary School is Filled with Awe, Joy, and Creativity. 

Excitable and wide-eyed kindergarten students become skilled, confident, and inquisitive third graders. Students are challenged and supported to develop lasting habits of mind that approach the world with curiosity, compassion, and resilience.


Primary School Fosters Good Character.

Our core values —Be Kind, Be Fair, Be Responsible— are visible every day in Primary School as students, faculty, and families work together to nurture and cultivate children who are smart of mind, good of heart, and prepared with the skills to meet what their future will bring.


Collaborative Learning Promotes Joy

Children learn best when they can construct meaning through hands-on experiences and collaboration.  In the classroom, students work together to develop social skills and effective communication techniques by articulating their ideas, asking questions, and presenting their understanding to peers. As you walk the Primary School hallways, you can hear the "buzz" of students enthusiastically engaged in inquiry-based lessons. 

Collaborative learning promotes joy as students explore and discover together.


Each Student is Welcomed with
Open Arms

We foster connections and strengthen the school community through our unique Buddy Program. This long-standing tradition creates a family-like atmosphere and the hallways and grounds of our small school come alive with the exchange of joyful conversation and friendship among all students, young and old.

Every student is welcomed with open arms by their buddy, and their closeness and friendships grows from there.

Pre-K Program

3, 4, and 5 years old

Tuxedo Park School’s Pre-K program is an extraordinary starting point in a child’s educational journey.

Learning Support

We endeavor to provide differentiated instruction and opportunities on an individual basis through the Learning Support Program.

After School Enrichment

For Pre-K-3rd grade students only

Our Enrichment Program offers opportunities for students to learn new skills, spend time with peers over a shared interest, and so much more!

Primary School is a Place That Challenges.

Students are provided invigorating intellectual experiences fostering a deep understanding of mathematics, science, language arts, history, foreign language, technology, physical education, and the fine and performing arts. 

Special Experiences for K-3rd Grade Students

  • Annual Harvest Festival: An evening celebration for Primary School students and their families to enjoy storytelling, dancing, crafts, and autumn treats.
  • Primary School Winter Games: Pre-K through 3rd grade students compete on colorful teams in a joyful and exciting winter olympics.
  • Culture Study: Each Primary School grade engages in a cross-curricular deep study of a country and parents are invited to the culminating celebration.
  • Swim Day: Students spend the day at The Tuxedo Club swimming with their friends.

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