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Tuxedo Park School’s Pre-K program is an extraordinary starting point in a child’s educational journey.

  As our students make efforts to assert themselves as individuals, the Pre-K program provides them with endless opportunities to experiment both intellectually and socially within a nurturing environment. Our program combines academic inquiry and social learning in order to build a strong foundation for both scholarship and compassion. It is a space and time where the same child can exclaim “I want to do it all by myself!” and “I need help!” within moments of one another with seemingly no contradiction.  And it is this transition from little to big, dependent to independent, solitary to social, seeking control to employing control, from preschool to school that helps make our program what it is.

Spend a few minutes in the Pre-K classroom and you will see and hear many things.  You’ll bear witness to…

  • children directing their learning by making choices about what they want to learn about, how they want to learn about it, and how they will demonstrate that learning to teachers.

  • children developing early academic readiness to provide a strong foundation for later years of education.

  • children building a classroom community that emphasizes kindness, fairness, and responsibility, our school’s core values.

  • children taking agency over themselves and their bodies by making choices about the foods they eat, the clothing they wear, and the care that comforts them.

  • children emerging as leaders by speaking in front of the group, contributing to group games and activities, and positively influencing those around them.

  • children taking care by resolving social conflicts and tending to hurt friends.

  • children actively engaged in the process of learning in a social environment that allows them to construct knowledge and understanding from hands on experiences.

In Pre-K at Tuxedo Park School we utilize a developmental approach that seeks to meet children where they are.  We see learning as an active process that the children not only participate in, but where they direct and lead.  

Teachers are facilitators and partners in learning, allowing them to develop loving, nurturing relationships with their students.  We recognize the individual and the collective, celebrate successes and persevere through struggles, and seek to challenge children in an environment that is warm and supportive.  Pre-K is a place where learning is joyous, fun, and meaningful.  It is a place where children can be children while gaining the skills that will eventually help them to be successful adults.  It is a place worth seeing and being a part of.