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Second Grade

Second grade is an exciting year for students as they continue to develop as leaders and learners in the Primary School. As children practice being kind, fair, and responsible community members their skill sets as readers, writers, mathematicians, and historians continue to deepen and expand. Most notably, second grade students and families look forward to the end of the year when students are at long last formally inducted (now and forever!) on to the Green Team or the Gold Team at the annual Green & Gold Banquet in May. This time-honored tradition marks the beginning of their participation in the yearly Green & Gold Competitions, a hallmark of the student experience at Tuxedo Park School.

This and more make second grade a year that is marked by excitement, exploration, and new challenges encountered and surmounted. The seven- and eight-year-old's developmental progression is one of consolidation of skills across the board. During second grade we work with each child and his/her family to facilitate their growth academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.
Seven- and eight-year-olds are:
  • Driven by curiosity and excitement for learning.
  • Developing skills of working productively both independently and collaboratively.
  • Capable of doing their best work when there is one cognitive focus.
  • Enjoying the routine and structure of school and prizing close relationships with teachers.
  • Wanting their work to be perfect, and thus are in need of support and encouragement to persevere through challenges and struggles.
  • Navigating developing, and sometimes fluctuating, friendships with peers.
  • Experiencing heightened sensitivity to slights (real or perceived) from peers and their environment, necessitating their strong classroom community and practice with developing conflict resolution skills.
  • Increasingly able to learn new skills/concepts and represent understanding without concrete manipulatives.
  • Improving their ability to listen to and learn from others.
At the end of each week, families receive a newsletter with highlights from the week, and forecasting the learning and activities that lie ahead. We encourage families to contact us early and often with questions.