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Third Grade

Third Grade is a landmark year for students as they ascend to the position of leaders in the Primary School. Third graders work closely throughout the year with kindergartners, modeling kindness, fairness, and responsibility through buddy relationships and a culminating performance of the annual Kindergarten and Third Grade play in May. Third graders enjoy their first year of participation in the annual Green & Gold competitions. Their involvement with their Green or Gold Team inspires a rich and new sense of belonging to the Tuxedo Park School community and sparks significant development of sportsmanship and teamwork. 
Along with new academic challenges, students in Third Grade engage in regular service opportunities alongside community members who live at The Promenade at Tuxedo Place. Together with residents they undertake projects to give back to and support our local community. In the winter, children don winter clothes and ski equipment for their first year of participation in our annual ski program. For five Thursdays, third graders join their schoolmates on the slopes of Mt. Peter. From new skiers stepping into skis for the first time to seasoned veterans, children of all ages support one another and tackle new challenges together in the outdoors.

Third Grade is indeed an exciting year, and the pinnacle of a child’s Primary School experience. Children continue to develop as kind, fair, and responsible community members, and take seriously their charge to serve as role models for their younger counterparts. Children’s intellectual skill sets are now highly usable tools for increasingly creative and analytical learning. The eight- and nine-year-old’s developmental progression is one that is full of both enthusiastic energy and fragility in need of plentiful encouragement. During Third Grade we work with each child and his/her family to facilitate their growth academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.
Eight- and nine-year-olds are:
* Marked by industrious planning, inventing, and creating.
* Operating at high energy levels in both work and play.
* Valuing volume over detail and quantity over quality, necessitating patient and warm redirection and abundant reminders regarding expectations.
* Brimming with exploratory enthusiasm and so are quick to try new things, and can be equally quick to move past them.
* Responsive to routines and schedules, both at school and home, that have new, surprising elements occasionally incorporated.
* Growing a deepening sense of moral responsibility around social justice, sportsmanship, and fairness issues.
At the end of each week, families receive a newsletter with highlights from the week, and forecasting the learning and activities that lie ahead. We encourage families to contact us early and often with questions.