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How is eligibility for Tuition Assistance determined?

Tuition Assistance is awarded to families according to their level of need as determined by the Tuxedo Park School’s Tuition Assistance Committee. These decisions are based on the recommended family contribution calculated by the School and Student Services (SSS). This organization provides Tuxedo Park School with a confidential statement of need, based upon an application for financial aid completed by the parents. This application is called the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). The Committee also takes into consideration of the availability of Tuition Assistance funds, and the overall enrollment goals of the school.

How is the family contribution calculated?

School and Student Services takes into consideration gross taxable and non-taxable income, assets, liabilities, family size, and the number of students in tuition-charging schools or colleges. After allowances for basic necessities and required taxes, a portion of the remaining funds is considered available for education.

What is the range of assistance given?

Tuxedo Park School assistance awards range from a small percentage of the tuition to up to 80%. All families pay some tuition.

Do I have to reapply each year for assistance? If so, what kind of assistance can my family expect in the subsequent years?

Yes. Each student’s need is recalculated annually using current information. In general, if there is little or no change in family circumstances, a family can expect the award percentage to be around the same level. Should the family need increase significantly, TPS will do what it can to meet that need. On the other hand, should the family need decrease, your award will be adjusted accordingly. 

Are there any merit awards available at Tuxedo Park School?

Only for those who are eligible to compete for our Veterans/First Responder Merit Scholarship.

Will applying for tuition assistance have an impact on the admissions decision for my child?

No. It is important to note that applying for tuition assistance has no bearing upon the Admissions Committee’s deliberation and assessment of an applicant’s potential as a Tuxedo Park School student. Decisions regarding admission to the school and eligibility for tuition assistance are made independently. The Admissions Committee does not know who is applying for assistance as they are reviewing the file. All accepted student files are presented to the Tuition Assistance Committee. When the school cannot fund the student, the student is places on a Tuition Assistance wait list.

Does tuition assistance cover books, class trips, or other costs beyond tuition?

Tuxedo Park School has a “bundled tuition” that covers books, school supplies, and class trips that are part of the academic program. It is our goal to ensure that every student can participate in school-sponsored programs and events that are not covered by tuition, including the after school enrichment programs. Each family who receives tuition assistance receives a 50% discount on these programs, unless otherwise stated. Tuition Assistance does not cover private music lessons, private tutoring, transportation, or the spring break family trips.

We have other children applying to or attending tuition charging institutions. Must we also apply for tuition assistance from those schools?

Yes. We assume that a family applying for assistance from TPS will apply for assistance from all tuition charging institutions their other children may be attending. If another school does not have a tuition assistance program, please note that on your PFS.

Will we have to repay any tuition assistance we receive?

No, tuition assistance is not a loan. If your family is awarded a tuition assistance grant, you are not expected to repay the award. Once a student completes his or her education and is gainfully employed, it is our hope that that they will contribute to the Tuxedo Park School Annual Fund so that others may also benefit from a Tuxedo Park School education.

If we cannot pay the tuition noted in the award letter, is there an appeal process?

Yes, appeals are accepted if new information becomes available. The written request should clearly and specifically state what has changed since the PFS or what financial circumstances were not reflected accurately. Please note that the committee may request additional documents.

If I am single, separated, or divorced from my child’s other parent, what information will the Tuition Assistance Committee require in order to determine an award?

Each situation is unique and will be handled on an individual basis. However, the Tuition Assistance Committee expects that both parents will contribute financially to their child’s tuition. Each parent is expected to submit a completed PFS as well as all of the required documentation. We understand that this is not always possible, and the Tuition Assistance Committee will consider the individual situation to determine whether or not the family will be eligible for an award.

If only one parent works outside the home, will the student be considered for Tuition Assistance?

Tuxedo Park School recognizes that families have the freedom to make choices regarding their financial status; however, it is our expectation that both parents work. Exceptions to this policy are if a parent is at home caring for a non-school age child, a child with a disability or illness, parent or grandparent, or other special circumstances. These situations should be made known to the Committee in writing when applying for assistance. Tuxedo Park School reserves the right to impute an annual income for non-working parents.

If I still have questions regarding the application process for tuition assistance, whom should I contact?

Kristen Heard, Director of Admissions and Tuition Assistance. 845.351.4737