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Students at Tuxedo Park School are encouraged to engage in performance and public speaking from their earliest days at school. Classes take ownership of a Friday school-wide assembly, a suitable venue to showcase some facet of their curriculum.

Primary School performances are usually based on a favorite class, book, or nursery rhyme. Each child is an active, valued participant. Teachers work hard to ensure that all children feel prepared and comfortable up on the stage.

Middle School students begin with a focus on public speaking in fourth grade, during an annual Public Speaking contest. Students continue in succeeding years to develop communication and poise in front of an audience while presenting to classmates, teachers and parents. The inclusion of Middle School students in the Spring Musical performance generates great excitement and enthusiasm for the dramatic arts. 

Upper School students show extraordinary ease in front of a crowd. Most disciplines require students to be "on their feet" during classes from Foreign Language to History. English classes regularly require students to perform Shakespeare, often to a primary or middle school audience.

Elective offerings include In One Act, in which students prepare and perform a one act play in the fall. Each year more than fifty middle and upper school students are involved in the production of the spring musical, which is performed for the TPS community and the general public.