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Girls Lacrosse

All students from Pre-K through sixth grade participate in a physical education program that promotes fitness, motor skill development, sportsmanship, and cooperation. Developing an appreciation and need for a physically active lifestyle is paramount. 

All students in sixth-ninth grade play on a competitive interscholastic athletic team. They learn the skills of teamwork and the important values of self-discipline, tenacity, responsibility, and sportsmanship. The goal of the program is to have every child be an active and responsible member of the teams and to represent Tuxedo Park School in a proud and respectful way.

Fall sports are coed tennis, soccer for the boys, volleyball for the girls, and field hockey for the girls. The winter sport is basketball for both boys and girls. Some students may choose not to play basketball and participate in squash, court tennis or join a conditioning class. Also during the winter, all the students participate in a five-week ski program on Thursday afternoons. In the spring, the sports include coed track and field, lacrosse for boys, and lacrosse for girls.

Teamwork is an important component of the program. Students learn to work together, respect each other’s differences, and help each other to succeed. The program is unique in the student’s education since four grades - sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth - practice together and interact across grade levels.

Upcoming Athletics Event

Gotham Games
Icahn Stadium

The Gotham Games was the final meet of the season. Sohan was the only athlete to run an individual event in the 200m. He had a good run with a time of 26.80. The boys’ 4X100m was able to run. Lucas jumped in as an alternate and the team was able to run the race. Making it to the Gotham Games is a big achievement and one that the team should be proud of. It was a season filled with improvement. In track and field improving one’s performance is the essence of the sport. Many athletes improved progressively and some even improved every time they raced.  We bid farewell to our 8th graders who led the team this year. We are also looking forward to our current sixth graders to be able to race more as seventh graders next year. Congratulations to all the track and field athletes!  Go Bears!