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All students from Pre-K through fifth-grade participate in a physical education program that promotes fitness, motor skill development, sportsmanship, and cooperation. Developing an appreciation and need for a physically active lifestyle is paramount. 

All students in sixth-ninth grade compete on an interscholastic athletic team. They learn the skills of teamwork and the critical values of self-discipline, tenacity, responsibility, and sportsmanship. The goal of the program is for every child to be an active and responsible team member while representing Tuxedo Park School with pride, respect, and integrity.
Teamwork is an essential component of the program. Students learn to work together, respect each other’s differences, and support one another in their success. The cross-grade level interactions are unique to our program and promote leadership and collaboration across age-levels. 



Are you a prospective parent and have a question about our curriculum? We would love to hear from you!