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First Grade's Energy Bus

First Grade's Energy Bus

As students focus on social emotional learning, the first grade teachers transformed their classroom into The Energy Bus. The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon is a book for children that teaches the benefits of creating a “positive ride through life,” overcoming negativity, bullies, and everyday challenges.

Before entering the classroom that morning, each student mentioned one thing they do to create a positive life. They talked about being kind, sharing, thinking positive thoughts, being a good friend, and being safe.

They then “boarded” The Energy Bus (their classroom) and earned their “bus pass” by showing off their very best dance moves - the best way to start a day! They enjoyed a full day of activities and discussions about how to live a positive life and pass that energy to others. It’s never too early to learn these lessons. Head over to our Instagram Reels to see the student's reactions to the transformation.

We are fortunate that ALL of our teachers go above and beyond to create an exciting learning experience for our students. Thank you, Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Walz!