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Student Experience


We believe the interests of the learner matter.

Therefore we foster a growth mindset in our students by tapping into their current passions and hobbies by offering a wide range of topics through our academic, athletics, and elective programs. 

Our students learn about themselves and develop their identities and sense of self by studying and participating in activities that they don’t know they love (yet!).


The athlete stars in the school musical, while the skilled artist who began the school year hesitant in math wins the math bowl for their team.


Through our winter ski program, students learn to ski or snowboard alongside their peers, strengthening friendships and leaning into the discomfort of the unknown. 

Living and learning with peers, all unafraid to try something new, is what makes TPS so special. With options as unique as our student body, students can explore what they never knew they loved, and every opportunity is theirs to take.

Family Dining

Lunch at TPS is Family Style and one of our many favorite long standing traditions.


TPS offers a wide range of engaging electives that give students the opportunity to customize their learning.

Private Lessons

The Music Department provides private lessons by highly skilled instructors in over 21 instruments plus voice.

Green & Gold Competition

A Beloved Tradition

After students are inducted onto the green or gold team at the end of second grade, the following years are filled with excitement, pride for their team, friendly competition, and team spirit. Activities to earn team points are in the areas of academics, arts, and athletics, and range from morning trivia to bees and bowls, to sporting events. The winner of the year is announced following Field Day in May.