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Advisory Program

Connections between students, faculty and parents are reinforced through the advisory program.

Advisors support their advisees intellectual, social, and emotional growth and serve as their advocates. Sometimes speaking up for them, and other times encouraging them to speak up for themselves. When problems occur, our students turn to their advisors for help and guidance at school. 

What else do advisors do?

  • Monitor students' intellectual, social, and emotional welfare and growth

  • Act as the primary contact for the parents of their advisees

  • Communicate with parents regarding their child’s progress at regular intervals during the school year

Students begin and end each day with their advisor in their small advisory group. Each year, these groups quickly become tight-knit families with a foundation of trust, where meaningful discussions and activities help them discover themselves as students, community members, leaders, and friends. 

While the meetings can often be fun and informal, advisories follow a curriculum designed to begin goal setting in the early stages of the year, address the innumerable and diverse challenges of adolescence throughout the course of the year, and draw closure at the end of the year with reflection.