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Creativity Everywhere.

We believe that all of our students have talent, and their creativity is nurtured through a rich visual and performing arts program. The fine and performing arts program infuses the Tuxedo Park School campus with art, music, and drama all year long. Students in Pre-K through ninth grade are able to cultivate a love for art and music through classes, electives, and private lessons. The McClean Music Room, Davis Theater, and Feiner Art Studio provide richly equipped spaces for art and music classes to take place.


Annual Art Show

The annual art show provides a venue to showcase work from each student in the school. Art mediums range from painting, drawing and collage, to ceramic, mosaic and fused glass.


Performing Arts

Our fall drama production for students in seventh-ninth grades and our spring musical theater production for students in seventh-ninth grades provides an authentic stage experience.


Band and Chorus

Students take general music classes three days a week from Pre-k through third grade before choosing to take band or chorus in fourth grade. Students in fourth-ninth grade participate in band and choral ensembles. All students perform concerts each winter and spring.


Inspiring Art & Music Electives

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade participate weekly art classes. Elective programs in upper school offer our older students the opportunity to follow their artistic interests in greater depth.

Through our arts classes students tap into and cultivate their individual talents.