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Welcome to the home of The TPS Bears! 

More than just winning or losing, we believe in the power athletic participation has on our students’ abilities to connect their physical, emotional, and intellectual lives. Through their efforts in our physical education classes and on our competitive sports teams, TPS students learn what it takes to work together, respect one another’s differences, and support their peers in both successes and challenges. Cross-grade level interactions are unique to the TPS program and help to promote leadership and collaboration across age-levels.




Pre-K Through Fifth Grade

Pre-K through fifth-grade participate in a physical education program that promotes fitness, motor skill development, sportsmanship, conditioning, and cooperation. We strive to help each student develop an appreciation for movement and athletics, and recognize the importance of a physically active lifestyle.


Sixth Through Ninth Grade

Sixth through ninth grade students compete on interscholastic athletic teams. Through their participation, students learn the importance of teamwork and the critical values of self-discipline, tenacity, responsibility, and integrity. While skill mastery is important, good sportsmanship is paramount and the focus above all else. Every child is expected to represent TPS with honor, pride, and respect.


TPS Hits The Trails

One of the most special and unique parts of the TPS experience is our access to miles and miles of gorgeous hiking trails surrounding our campus. As part of our athletic program, beginning in pre-k, our students hike the trails of the Ramapo Mountains to enjoy the natural scenery, make scientific discoveries, improve their physical fitness, and enjoy time together. They spot frogs, insects, fox, critters, and deer on their walks, learning to respect and appreciate wildlife and how to manage traveling on uneven terrain. From these experiences, our students come to value all that the natural world has to offer and want to work to protect it. 

TPS families with children in grades 6-9:
Read about the Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act and log into your Magnus account to submit the required form. 

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