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Family Dining

What's For Lunch?

The unique Family-Style Dining program at Tuxedo Park School expands our students' learning to the dining room. By division, students sit at mixed grade tables with a teacher to share a meal.  This intentional tradition strengthens the bond between teachers and students and teaches how to engage in a meaningful conversation over a meal.  We specifically focus on table manners: setting a table, asking to pass items instead of reaching, properly using utensils, and cleaning up.  Our healthy lunch options and daily soup and salad bar encourage students to try new foods and create a colorful, healthy plate to enjoy.  

Research shows that sharing meals together greatly boosts our well-being

Be our guest! We invite family members to join their children in the lunch room. It can be the highlight of a student's day.

"I love that I get to go to the salad bar to get good food like apples." - Anna, Kindergarten