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World Language Program


Through the language program, students develop an appreciation of other cultures at a young age at Tuxedo Park School.

The World Language curriculum is designed to develop students' interpretive, interpersonal, presentational, and intercultural communication skills.

Research shows that language learning supports academic achievement, provides cognitive benefits, and affects attitudes and beliefs about language learning and other cultures. Learning a second language also incorporates the skills necessary for 21st-century learning – creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration. In today's global society, knowing more than one language and understanding other cultures provides connectedness and opportunities. 

Primary School Program

The Primary School World Language program offers children an immersive French experience and inspires curiosity about francophone culture.


Middle School Program

The Middle School World Language program helps students develop listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills to engage with the target language within the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of communication.

Upper School Program

The Upper School World Language program is communicative, learner-centered, and collaborative learning through tasks and activities to help students improve their proficiency in various contexts and situations.

Recipient of the 2022 French Award

Language Offerings

French was included in Tuxedo Park School’s original curriculum when it first opened its doors in 1900. This long-standing tradition is maintained today. The French-language program begins in Pre-K3 and continues through third grade. In fourth grade, students take one trimester each of French, Latin, and Spanish. At the end of fourth grade, students choose one of these languages, which they will pursue for the remainder of their time at TPS. Currently, we are piloting a dual language learning opportunity with our 5th graders. Students choose between French and Spanish, and are also learning Latin. If successful, this model will continue as they move through Middle and Upper School. 

Appreciating Other Cultures

Each year, Primary School students take part in a culture study program, and Middle and Upper School students participate in an International Week Fair. During these studies, students learn about a country’s history, geography, food, art, music, language, games, dances, natural science, and traditions. Students then hone their public speaking skills by presenting their research to the school and community at Friday Assembly. Ninth-grade students have the opportunity to experience another culture firsthand with a Spring Break trip to an international destination linked to their history curriculum. 

3rd Grade Students Perform Traditional Argentinian Dance