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"Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong." --Peter T. McIntyre

Confidence is maintaining a balanced view of self: taking pride in your abilities and recognizing where you can improve.

Our teachers foster confidence in students by giving them a safe environment to speak in class, take intellectual risks, and ask for help when needed. We know that confidence is cultivated by overcoming challenges.  Therefore, through a rigorous and thoughtfully designed curriculum, teachers and students celebrate the process of individual growth by praising effort and improvement. Students are encouraged to take risks and develop skills to work through obstacles with an open mind. 


Being small means...

Being small means all of our students participate in all of our programs. They are placed in situations where they must persevere through moments of discomfort to become skiers, musicians, advocates, athletes, and more. Our students are joyful learners, compassionate friends, and respectful leaders interacting with peers of all ages as buddies, team captains, and lunch leaders. 

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Students graduate prepared to advocate for their needs and commit the effort required to achieve their goals in their future endeavors.